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Adrian Ravarour

8.5" x 10.75" 56 pages
Softcover Saddle-stitched


Constantly traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles I was awakened by the beauty of Nature. Highway One, the Old Coast Road, and Highway 101, were experiences where the Land was predominant. I remember crying when I first saw the incredible beauty of the Old Coast Road, Partington Ridge that John Steinbeck called the 'pastures of heaven,' and the valley of ferns.

Starting in 1969, I shared a Sunset Center studio with Nancy Lang, and then with Mary Burr Anthony, in Carmel California where Cole Weston was Sunset Center manager. Weston generously critiqued my photography on a regular basis as he saw similarities to his brother Brett's work. His mentoring included discussions of composition, symmetry, asymmetry, qualities of light, examples of his father Edward Weston's photography, and we both perceived 'color' as 'form.'

--Adrian Ravarour