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Energy Flow Photography Series IV
Adrian Ravarour

8" x 8" Square 58 pages
Softcover Perfect Bound


Ravarour created Energy Flow Photography as a visual expression of his 1968 theory, the Energy Flow System of the Arts, that utilized constructs of physics, principles of Art, and Energy Flow patterning as the basis for photographic design. Ravarour began photography in 1957 and painting in 1959. Cole Weston mentored Ravarour's photography in the 1970s. He was a cameraman, then director, at San Francisco CH 25; a principal video-cinematographer at the Dance Video Center, and Jacob's Pillow. Ravarour achieved national video-cinematographic work in the 1990s. He continues to focus upon Fine Art Photography, nudes, and Energy Flow Photography. His photography books are in the George Eastman House Library Collection and the LACMA Library Collection.