Phlip Fagan The Business of Pleasure @ Drkrm gallery September 8 – 29, 2007 New York City brothels in the 1980's

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The Business of Pleasure : New York City Brothels
Photographs by Philip Fagan

September 8th - 30th, 2007

Philip Fagan spent eleven years on Manhattan’s East side in “the business of pleasure.” Extraordinarily rare access enabled him to befriend and photograph many of the women who earned their living in the sex trade. “I did not photograph the girls as an essay, or as an exploitive study of girls in a lowly profession,” Fagan explains. “I photographed the girls because I spent all my time, almost 24-7, with them.” Reviewing the images after these many years, Fagan says, “I hope with all my heart that the women survived and have found something fulfilling so they never think about going back.”

The Business of Pleasure will open with a reception for the artist Saturday, September 8th from 7pm-12am and will be on display through September 30th, 2007

This unique exhibition of stark, gritty and suprisingly touching black and white images reveals the everyday world of working girls. Rarely does Fagan's camera intrude; it is merely a voyeur or even a welcome partner. These candid and straight forward portraits are reminescent of Diane Arbus’ pictures of people on the fringes of society crossed with Ernest J. Bellocq’s Storyville Photographs taken in the Red Light District of New Orleans in the 1900’s.

Installation view

Like the past photographic greats, Brassi, and Bellocq who understood the life of prostitutes and paid homage to them by photographing their presence in the houses of “ill repute” so has Phillip Fagan added sensitive documentation to this way of life. His photographs record an existence in the brothels most people will never understand or be eye witnesses to. These are real women, with real stories and real lives. Not only are many of Phillip’s photographs elegantly seen, and reveal deeper truths about the world of prostitution but they are as much about him as they are about the women he chose to honor in his pictures.

-- Anthony Friedkin

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