Seeing Things | Ghost Polaroids

10.75" x 8.25" 56 pages
Softcover Wire-O binding | $25

The ghost or spirit calls himself “WRIGHT”. He shows signs of erudition and intelligence, writing many of his messages in Latin. The ghost first appeared on film in March 1992 after one of the residents kept hearing unexplained noises throughout the house. After a door opened mysteriously, he took a series of photos, several of which revealed a classic ghost-like shape, including dark shadows at the eyes and mouth. The messages began to appear on film in June 1992. The first was in response to a friend’s question about the ghost, “Is he here now?” The photo revealed a barely discernible “yes” in cloudy white shapes. After that, the writing became far more legible. 

Many attempts were made by dozens of investigators and skeptics to debunk what occurs in this home by trying to replicate the strange ectoplasmic writing. Words, images, formations that appeared humanoid but lacking any features, and shadowy figures appeared in the pictures with no one present to create them. Numerous people always witnessed our photo sessions. The images they watched develop elicited audible gasps from those present.

These startling photographs challenge perceptions of reality and art. Is the image of the room with the ghostly writing the way we see ghosts, or is it the way ghosts see us? Who is seeing things, after all? Explore these strangely surreal photographs and decide for yourself.

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