Raymond (Ray) W. Musselwhite (American Painting and Sculpture, 1931 - 2003)

Raymond (Ray) W. Musselwhite
(American, Painting and Sculpture, 1931 - 2003)

Ray Musselwhite is recognized for his artistic talent, but also for his role as an educator at North Carolina State Univeristy School of Design (1963 -1978). His artistic works show his range from the wood and metal sculptures of his earlier years to watercolors and oil abstract paintings, fiberglass sculptures, ending with prints to the poetry of his later career. The artistic style was “Destruction of the Form” which started with a ground form, then base line and color added, and finally arriving at a new visual experience. His exhibitions and gallery showings range from Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington DC, New York, Lebanon, Japan, Europe.

Ray Musselwhite’s works can be found in private holdings and museums throughout the United States, including the Gregg Museum of Art & Design, Mint Museum of Art, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

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