727 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014


Photographs by Jeff Seltzer

March 12th-April 9th, 2011

Closing Reception Saturday April 9th 5-8pm

drkrm/gallery is pleased to present Harmony, large-scale color photographs by Jeff Seltzer that reveal the effect of human occupation within the landscape of contemporary environments. Seltzer's images call to mind the “New Topographic” photography movement, pictures made to document a time and a place, static treatments of our everyday modern urban landscape in the vein of Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams and Henry Wessel Jr.

These anonymous, sometimes featureless structures and locations exclude people but at the same time show the effect of human occupation and interaction. Like Baltz, Seltzer isolates his subjects, creating a head-on, cold and detached Kubrickian symmetry. Seltzer allows us to see beauty in the everyday and shows us order in the ordinary and mundane that we take for granted.

Artist Statement:

My formal education is more about science - statistics, experimental design, and rhetorical theory. With statistical analysis, the goal is to sift through numbers and create a story true to the data – a story that can be understood and appreciated by a more general audience. In a similar way, I look through my camera’s viewfinder in attempt to reconcile the everyday “data” that surrounds us.

I find comfort and solace in this otherwise anxiety-producing world by creating a sense of harmony among the seemingly unrelated, mundane data around me. There are so many things I can't control; but what I can control is what I see through my camera and how I present it to the world through careful framing and composition. My interest is generally not with the subject itself, but with the challenge – almost need – of creating and restoring this sense of order (or harmony).

Jeff Seltzer is based in Los Angeles and was educated at San Diego State University, receiving a BA and an MA in Rhetorical Theory.

Jeff Seltzer Photography Website

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