Aaron Hobson Cinemascapes Sept 13-Oct 26 drkrm gallery 2121 San Fernando Road Los Angeles CA 90065 323-223-6867
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close quarter panoramics. open ended narratives.

September 13- October 24, 2008

2121 San Fernando Road Suite 3
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Tel 323.223.6867
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AARON HOBSON Steeltown, 2007
19"x40" Image

Installation View

Opening reception for the artist:
Saturday, September 13, from 7 to 10 pm

drkrm.gallery is pleased to announce the west coast premiere exhibition of photographs by Aaron Hobson.

Raised in industrial Pittsburgh but now based in a small Adirondack Mountain town near the Canadian border, photographer Aaron Hobson has a keen eye for beauty in rural decay. Hobson has created a series of images that have gained international attention with their original and unique approach to the traditional genre of panoramic photography.

are a hybrid between autobiography and fiction, with Hobson himself always in the star role. They are at times, haunting and scandalous, other times inspiring, but always come across as closely personal. Reflective of his 30 years of experiences, emotions, and challenges throughout his life, Hobson creates images that not only viscerally and visually grab the conscious mind, but also linger in the viewer's imagination and memory.

Creating panoramics from 4-5 sequential vertical images allows the viewer’s eye to explore shifting focal planes and become immersed into a scene full of unsuspecting details and hidden plots more than a single frame could suffice. Each image seemingly captures a moment in time that poses many questions, not the least of which is what's going on here?

Hobson has had solo exhibits in NYC and London, and has growing list of collectors from around the world. Articles and reviews of his work have appeared in over 15 languages in over 24 countries from every major continent, except the one covered in ice.
He was a featured photographer in the 2008 photo issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, DPWORLD e-magazine from China and the subject of an eight page article in Urban Salir Magazine. (Spain, May '08)

Hobson's Cinemascapes was nominated for Best Fine Art series at the inaugural NYC Photo Festival and, most recently, was awarded Honorable mention in Fine Art as well as in the Deeper Perspectives category for the same work at the International Photography Awards (IPA | Lucie Awards)

"...Thanks to an original approach to panoramic genre photography, his "cinemascapes" emit a near-Lynchian atmosphere. Hobson minutely constructs his narrative canvases and combines multiple exposures in final images that, distorted, call upon our imaginations' need to fill in the blanks and ellipses of mysterious scenarios."
- Eve Therond, article in PHOTO Magazine (France/Nov.'07)

"... is a small masterpiece of technique and visual writing as are the other works of this artist, who is one of the best talents in America. Not to miss his website."
- La Repubblica, (Italy '07. excerpt translated from Italian)

"When I first saw Aaron Hobson’s work, I fell for it right away. The pictures are very immediate—there’s no work to get into them, they’re familiar for anyone who’s spent time picking around America’s rust belt, but you linger for a while and notice the care with details and composition."
- Interview with Rosecrans Baldwin, The Morning News

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aaron hobson: cinemascapes
Hardcover 10x8 inches 74 pages
signed $40