Ghostwriter: The Polaroid Ghost
& Other True Tales of the Paranormal

by Joe Augustyn

Preface by Dan Aykroyd
Foreword by Bill Murphy
Essays by Mary Maruca

Softcover Trade Paperback ©2021
ISBN: 978-1-7361070-0-3

6×9 in, 254 pages |
With over 150 Polaroids, most never before seen.

Ghostwriter book Trailer

The remarkable true story of one of the most baffling cases of ghostly phenomena in the history of paranormal research. Witnessed by dozens and investigated by photo experts, psychics and parapsychologists - declared by UCLA paranormal researcher Kerry Gaynor to be only the second authentic case out of thousands he's investigated.

Featured on TV shows Sightings, Unexplained Mysteries, My Ghost Story, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Extreme Hauntings, Surviving Death on Netflix and various newscasts; NPR's Snap Judgment and other radio shows and podcasts.

"In this extensively researched and authoritative book, Joe Augustyn acknowledges the religion of skepticism while placing its proponents in a realistic perspective. But what would skeptics make of this indisputable evidence supporting survival of consciousness after death? This is an essential volume for any serious seeker in the understanding of the paranormal."

--Dan Aykroyd, Hotel Paranormal, Travel Channel

"If you must read only one book on cases considered paranormal in origin, this is the one. The payoff of learning the rarely revealed facts surrounding the Ghost Writer case makes Joe Augustyn's book one that no serious investigator should miss.

--Bill Murphy, Fact or Fake, SyFy Network

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