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Polaroids from a San Francisco bathhouse 1978
Photographs by Frank Melleno

Introduction by Mark Thompson

8.5" x 11" | 80 pages
Softcover perfect bound

ISBN: 9781388737924


Like a string of black pearls, San Francisco's bathhouses adorned the city with a touch of louche glamour. (They were officially closed in October 1984) The Hothouse. The Barracks. The Handball Express. Animals. The Club, Bulldog, Sutro and, down by the tracks, the Ritch Street Baths. The ever-notorious South-of-the-Slot, and so many more. (They were officially closed in October 1984.) Each claimed a distinct character and clientele. But no place had quite the feeling of coming home once through the front door as did the Fairoaks...

--Mark Thompson

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