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Aftermath: The Griffith Park Fire
Colin Remas Brown
Introduction by William Deverell

8.5" x 10.75" 56 pages
Softcover Perfect Bound | $20

"The pictures are here for you to see and think about, and it's not for me to get much in the way. Suffice to say that these images divulge something so little known about a place so well known, so well loved. Fire and death – it's hard to get more primal than that. I think we'd best let these images reveal something else. For they are a reminder and prediction of fires yet to come across the West, fires in the cities and fires in the country, fires of negligence or consideration, or fires sparked by drought, climate change, and the arid dance they perform together.

Renewal lingers at the edges in these pictures – thankfully – but the victims of the Griffith Park fire of 2007 are at the center of the artist's eye here, as they deserve to be. Beauty, meet grief."

--William Deverell

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