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Photographs by Ryan Herz

Foreword by Rev. A. Ravarour, Ph.D., M.A., OST

8.25" x 10.75" | 64 pages
Softcover perfect bound


Are these just cement-Jesuses, akin to cardboard Christs? How can we assume to know what the teaching of Jesus were when they are distorted every which way to ‘prove’ positions that various sects pronounce. Would Jesus recognize how he is scripturally represented? What happened to his the Kingdom of God is within or to love one another replaces the other laws? Are they lost in a sea of religious biases and prejudices? If this enigma and ambiguity are current in the cement edifices, then Ryan Herz has portrayed these works too well.

--Rev. A. Ravarour, Ph.D., M.A., OST

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